April 27 — Rachmaninov, Piano Concerto No. 2


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We’ve been trying to schedule this great piano concerto, Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto, and this pianist, Evan Mitchell, for several years.  It’s all finally worked out!  This concerto is one of the most tuneful and beautiful in existence; this pianist is a strong and fiery performer who was brilliant in his last concert with the SSO (2016, Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2).

Also on this concert: Gershwin‘s great An American in Paris!  Complete with sounds of the city (in 1928 that means honking taxi horns!), this jazz-age tone poem by one of the greatest American composers will just make you feel good.  You will probably remember the first time you heard this music but even if not, you’ll never forget it.  And while we’re in Paris, let’s enjoy a beautiful piece by the French composer Lili Boulanger, D’un matin de printemps.  It is a perfect picture of a spring morning with the freshness of the day and a lightness of early spring green leaves and flowers.  If that description doesn’t quite make sense, come hear for yourself what we’re writing about!

Be sure to get your tickets early and don’t be late to the concert–the hall fills quickly!

Join us for a reception following the concert, included in the price of the ticket!  SSO concerts are the best deal in town.

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